Cold Calling is back!

The phone is the most valuable tool that a salesperson possesses. Though we understand that cold calling makes many shiver.

Enabling the phone to boost sales opportunities without additional advertising and marketing is the most effective way companies can obtain new contacts. Small and medium-sized companies often do not have their own sales teams, so considerable efforts are required to win new prospects and customers. We relieve your company by using our trained telemarketing team to make those contacts for you.

The interests of both parties are taken into account by using new methods in cold calling.

Unprofessional contacting can lead to small successes, but the success rate will be rather poor. Reasons can be lack of motivation, little enthusiasm for the product or lack of experience in talking to potential customers. The aim is to offer the future customer a product adapted to his needs.

Mindon cold calls takes care of these tasks for you. Mindon specializes in competently and professionally establishing initial contacts and acquiring appointments. You can rely on a competent team that supports your marketing department comprehensively.

Take a big step into the future with Mindon – the better way to sales.